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Specifically designed as a single Gateway
for all your communication needs. Whether a
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myGateway brings it all together.
Web Services
In order to send, view messages, manage keywords, view statistics and everything else you need to communicate efficiently, DMS has develop our Web Services. It is browser based, and accessible from any computer or mobile device. More details on the core functions are below, for more detail on the support functions please contact us for a demo.
  • Message Board - shows messages in real-time with customizable refresh rates and number of messages. It also includes functionality to specify dates & keywords, search for a specific message and to randomly select a message for a specific network or across all networks. This service is perfect for monitoring and adjusting your campaign or for organizations like radio stations as an interactive communication tool with their listeners.
  • Comments Board - is an anonymous way for customers to express their grieviences, compliments or just a comment in general. Ideal to be used as a "comment line" for customers and employees alike or in the entertainment industry to allow customers to anonymously interact with each other via a television or large computer screen.
  • Statistics Board - shows graphs of messages received, turning what was previously just figures into more understandable information. It will provide the client with a summary view of campaigns, at the same time simplifying comparisons with historical figures. Can also be used in conjunction with surveys to easily gauge customer responses and feedback.
  • The Bulk Message service enables a client to send messages to a specific number or to customizable groups within its business or the campaign. Bulk Message is an easy, quick and cost effective way of cummunicating with employees and customers.
  • The Keywords & Replies function is used to manage the keywords and replies of your campaign as needed. Depending on your package selection multiple keywords and dated replies can be setup.

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